Yes, I know I’ve been away

Actually, I've been nowhere in particular. It's just for the past several weeks I've run out of thing to say. There's been nothing particularly newsworthy or comment-worthy, and I've been busy with work and with life. I remember I went through a period like this about a year ago so I'm blaming it on the time of year.

To catch up with my role in the Sprint Ambassador Program, I've been enjoying using the multimedia capabilities of the phone. I haven't been using it for callingmuch, but rather downloading music, watching sports scores, catching weather forecasts and the news. The one problem I've noticed — and I don't know if it's the network or the phone — is that sometimes the volume goes down in the earpiece when I'm talking to someone. I alternate between hearing them fine and then suddenly it's like they've covered their mouth and I can barely hear them. This is happened on several occasions at different locations. I probably should contact the special e-mail address I was given to report the problem.

It's the Friday evening before Mother's Day and it's in the low 40s in the Chicago area! Unbelievable.


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