Mark Buehrle’s Top Ten List

Chicago White Sox pitcher Mark Buehrle, who pitched a perfect game last Thursday against Tampa Bay, appeared on David Letterman’s show last night. Here’s his Top Ten List of things going through his mind while he pitched the perfect game:

10.   I did it! I did it! Oh, wait, it’s only the fourth inning
9.   If this doesn’t get Kate Hudson to notice me, nothing will
8.   Too bad I’m not on my own fantasy team
7.   My brother-in-law bowled a perfect game
6.   [Josh Fields and Dewayne Wise:] We’re going to Disney World! [Buehrle:] And I’m running for governor of Alaska
5.   Did I remember to TiVo "So You Think You Can Dance?”
4.   I’m leaving after the seventh inning to beat the traffic
3.   Should I shave my back?
2.   Sunflower seed…lodged in my windpipe…get help!
1.   Maybe I’ll give up one hit so I don’t have to appear on Letterman


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