Car dealers getting stiffed on “Cash For Clunkers”

The federal government has only reimbursed auto dealers for 2 percent of the claims they’ve submitted through the popular “cash for clunkers” program, a Pennsylvania congressman said, calling on the Obama administration to help speed up the process.

This is typical government tomfoolery. According to the Department of Transportation, there are a total of 338,659 rebate requests under the “Cash for Clunkers” program; but only a staff of 225 to review the claims. That’s 1,500 claims per employee currently!

And the government wants to manage health care too………..


2 thoughts on “Car dealers getting stiffed on “Cash For Clunkers”

  1. Brian says:

    Exactly, this is the problem that needs to be addressed.

    They work for us but we can’t fire them. Terrible.

  2. Thanks for your comment.

    My wife works for a car dealership. She’s the one who submits the paperwork for reimbursement. They have not been reimbursed for any car sales yet. At an average of $4,000 per car, there’s a lot of money left on the table.

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