Seesmic Desktop 2 Preview

This evening I downloaded the preview release of Seesmic Desktop. This new version — written in Silverlight — allows you to connect to Twitter and Facebook as well as a number of other social networks. Since it’s a preview release, not all of the functionality is there yet.

Overall I like it a lot, but I do have some issues:
  1. I have a number of Twitter user lists. I displayed three or four lists. I left the computer for a couple of hours and, upon my return, I reopened Seesmic and they were all missing. I had to go in and redisplay them. This happens in the original Seesmic Desktop and Seesmic for Windows. Very annoying!
  2. Even though I have a large monitor, screen space is at a premium and the left menu column takes up a lot of space. Previous versions of Seesmic allowed you to minimize the column. It would be appreciated here too. Auto or manual resizing of columns would be appreciated too.
  3. The plugin directory doesn’t work, but I assume it’s because it’s not the final release.
  4. No support yet for, but they say it’s coming. Makes sense as Seesmic owns
The look is very elegant (if that’s the right description to use). Seesmic and Tweetdeck are the top two desktop Twitter/Facebook platforms and each company release ups the ante.

Try the new preview release of Seesmic Desktop here.

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