I know I’m sounding like a broken record…

…but I’m so freaking tired of the idiots using the self-service checkout at the grocery store!

I’ve lamented in the past about rude, inconsiderate or unaware people who use these checkout lanes. I use them all the time (I’m none of these people!) as I find it quicker and easier to check out. When I use them, I’m always aware of the person in front of me and I wait until they finish packing up their food. I wish people gave me the same consideration.

Once again today, I checked out and finishing packing up my food and some older woman decided not to wait and send her two cases of bottled water in my direction. This time I firmly asked if she would wait until I finished. She mumbled something about being sorry and she didn’t see me there. What?? I’m right in front of her. Then she said that she didn’t know the conveyor belt would move. Of course she knew, she didn’t want to be bothered waiting literally a few more second for me to finish.

I’m tired of these people. I’m either going to stop using self-service or make an ugly scene the next time it happens. I’m leaning towards the latter!


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