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Storm clouds to the south



Nice sunset view from the berm in my backyard


Sun rises on The Bean!

sun rises in the bean, originally uploaded by eweliyi.

Via Flickr:
Day 331 of 365 travel memories sunrise at the bean at 6:30am with Cynthia
I know you all have seen thousands of pictures of the bean, well here is 1001st, deal with it 🙂

Le chasseur – The hunter

Le chasseur – The hunter, originally uploaded by Sosodu16.

Via Flickr:
Renard roux – Fox (vulpes vulpes)

Total Lunar Eclipse December 21, 2010

The Chicago area missed out on the Lunar Eclipse since we were busy getting a few inches of snow. I’ve enjoyed looking at the photos from observers who were able to see — and photograph — the eclipse. Here is one I found on Flickr.

Sunflower photo

I like to take sunflower photos, but mine are mainly of flowers we grow in the backyard. Here’s a real nice picture I found on Flickr. It looks like it might be HDR, but none of the tags associated with the photo indicate that it is HDR.

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Dunes of Mars

From the NASA website:

Dunes of sand-sized materials have been trapped on the floors of many Martian craters. This is one example, from a crater in Noachis Terra, west of the giant Hellas impact basin. The High Resolution Imaging Science Experiment (HiRISE) camera on NASA’s Mars Reconnaissance Orbiter captured this view on Dec. 28, 2009.

The dunes here are linear, thought to be due to shifting wind directions. In places, each dune is remarkably similar to adjacent dunes, including a reddish (or dust colored) band on northeast-facing slopes. Large angular boulders litter the floor between dunes.

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